SAP from the cloud



forcenet operates your SAP systems in an environment that is specifically tailored to your needs and provides you with all services that ensure the high availability, maintenance, monitoring and further development of your SAP landscape. We will work with you to agree on individual service and support concepts. In doing so, we operate your IT environment in two geographically separated, mirrored and highly available data centres in Bavaria, using a highly innovative infrastructure from recognised brand manufacturers. Our dual data centre concept with redundant data storage keeps your systems and data available even in the event of a disaster.


Innovative, Highly Available, Secure

  • Focus on Core Competencies

    Outsourcing of time-intensive processes – concentration of your own expertise on business-relevant topics

  • Quick Implementation

    Short implementation times, so that the solution can be quickly deployed to its full potential.

  • Efficient Management of SAP Solutions

    Highly available, stable and seamless operation of your SAP systems.

  • Reduction of the Burden on the IT/SAP Organisation

    Reduced expenditure for your own IT systems as the operation and maintenance of hardware and software is ensured by forcenet.

  • High Data Security

    High-security data centres located exclusively in Germany, safeguarded by a second computer centre. All legal requirements are fulfilled thanks to storage in Germany.

  • Regular Backups

    Backups are made several times a day. This means that should data be lost, the data can be easily restored.

  • Access From Anywhere and At Any Time

    Your employees can access their work data from anywhere.

  • Scalability

    Scalability that facilitates easy adaptation to changing requirements and meets the increasing needs of expanding companies.

  • Support

    forcenet offers the highest level of support for your users.

  • Reduction of operating costs

    No investments in hardware and IT infrastructure.

  • Flexible cost structure

    Flexibility through short-term subscription models: Lean monthly billing – exactly as required.

In the summer of 2015, we started cooperating with forcenet, moved our entire operating software to the data centre and have since been liberated from the worries and problems associated with managing our own hardware. This is clearly noticeable in daily operation.
Edgar Skandera
CEO, Drewes & Runge GmbH & Co. KG