Maximum degree of security.



force:backup offers you the possibility of conserving your resources while still maintaining a high level of security. Your data is encrypted to the volume reserved for you. No one but you can access the data without the correct key. Encryption is available if security is of the utmost importance to your business. When activated, a passphrase that only you know encrypts your data. Generating the AES-256 encryption key keeps your data encrypted at all times: before it leaves the server and during storage.


Dynamic, Flexible and Scalable – at any time.

  • Bespoke

    The data is stored in storage pools that have been set up especially for you.

  • Security According to Plan

    Automatic backup of company data in line with your schedule.

  • Nonstop

    End-to-end encryption before, during and after storage.

  • Global

    Encryption at company level on request (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256-bit key).

  • Secured Connections

    Use of a secure environment in the data centre.

As a result of the cooperation with forcenet, we now have our own company IT environment where all our data and that of our customers is protected against third parties.
Sargon Kanon
Owner of KANON Insurance Consultancy