Systematic analysis



The increasing digitisation of products and manufacturing technology opens up new possibilities for data analysis – be it in production, in networked logistics processes or in the provision of services in a wide range of industries. Many processes generate a large volume of data, the analysis of which is being increasingly viewed as part of the value chain. Not without reason: This is because systematic evaluation can open up optimisation potential or even initiate new, data-driven business models.

As experts in cloud computing and data management, our force:analytics service offers data analyses which can be used to check and assess the efficiency of industrial solutions and ultimately to optimise and further develop them in a targeted manner.


Analysis as Part of Value Creation

  • Discover Opportunities

    Evaluation of the data transmitted from “smart” products so that specific improvements in product development can be achieved

  • Identify Optimisation Potentials

    Transmission of status and maintenance data of machines, which can be used to optimise maintenance tasks

  • Comprehensive Analysis Possibilities

    Integration of sensor data and business data (ERP systems)

  • Suitable for all Industries

    Analyses in many industries, e.g. automotive, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering and many others.

In addition to the specialised competence of forcenet, we are particularly enthusiastic about the personal support and the extremely short response times.
Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Michael Bertl